Marc Mims. @semifor. Author and maintainer of Net::Twitter [1], the Perl
interface to the Twitter API.  I'm a freelance software developer
specializing in modern perl (Moose, Catalyst, DBIx::Class, and
Net::Twitter, of course).

I'm a Linux enthusiast and run Debian on my personal systems with
xmonad, Vim, Firefox+Vimperator. Give me text, and take the mouse with
you. :)

My first Twitter app was Twirc [2], a local IRC gateway for Twitter.
It's the Twitter client I use.

Chris Thompson wrote and maintained Net::Twitter through version 2.12. I
wrote replacement, from scratch, and Chris handed off the project to me.
So I authored Net::Twitter 3.0 and maintain it, currently.

Net::Twitter and the community of users and applications they've built
have been a joy to work with.  I'm registered for Chirp and I'm doing a
little fund raising from the Net::Twitter users to help cover the costs
of attending [3].

In my spare time, I'm working on (@packratius) [4], a
Twitter + Delicious mashup.  It started as a simple learning project for
OAuth and the Streaming API.  I'm really pleased with the backend code,
which is where most of the effort has gone.  If I can shake loose some
more time, I need to do plenty of front end work (a designer I am not)
and add some features to make it useful to a wider audience.

I'll 2nd @Abraham's feature request for a conversation method returning
replies for a specified status.  I'd also like to see some consistency
in error handling. Getting "Not authorized" for user_timeline can mean
(1) the account is protected and the authenticated user is not
authorized, (2) the account is suspended, (3) the account has 0 tweets.
Getting a 500 response with HTML content from the Search API is
unhelpful; getting an error response in the requested format would be
much saner.  There are many other inconsistencies in error responses.
Life would be easier if they were addressed.

Looking forward to Chirp and meeting some other Twitter devs there.



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