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> @Abraham
> One thing you cant do with the API is
> Preventing users from retweeting their friends retweet which has already
> been retweeted by the user .To check this
> Go to "Retweets By Others" tab just retweet a friend's retweet and refresh
> your tabs. In web interface that tweet will appear in both "Retweets By
> Others" and "Retweets By Me" tabs and you will be given an option to undo
> the retweet in both tabs. But you cannot do the same with the API There is
> no way a user can find his retweeted entry in "Retweets By Others" directly
> (with one call)
> To fix this either
> 1) we should check the original retweet ids in both "Retweets By Others"
> and "Retweets by Me" (i.e make 2 calls). Not only is this resource/time
> consuming but it is highly unreliable. Some times "Retweets by Me" entries
> may not overlap with the entries from "Retweets By Others" due to the data
> size limit (200)
> Or
> 2)Twitter should add some flag like retweeted_by_me to the pay load for
> "Retweets By Others" which is really helpful
> This bug has been left untouched for a long time.

It is possible from the API. You just have to combine the different retweet
timelines. As I said: "It might take a number of API calls to collect all
the data but it is all there"*

Plus what does it matter if a user tries to retweet a status they have
already retweeted? There is no adverse effect.


*besides the bug that has no open bug report.

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