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> Abraham,
> Are there any plans to make this any easier for developers to implement
> retweets-of-me in the short term? The best solution (for client devs) would
> obviously be a stream of the latest retweets, with the full original status
> object inline, but as it looks like this isn't going to happen, any chance
> of at least adding a retweet_count or last_retweeted_id node to the
> retweets_of_me statuses? That way we'd be able to intelligently use
> statuses/retweets for only the tweets which have new retweets, rather than
> burning through API requests checking multiple tweets every time.
> This has become a bit more of an issue as it appears that new style
> retweets have stopped appearing in search results, so users can't even
> workaround this by using a search for their username.
> Thanks,
> Tom

Twitter listed a few items they plan on fixing with retweets:
http://goo.gl/lu0h  retweet_count being one of them. They are open to adding
new features it is just a matter of prioritizing and finding the time.


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