>From the wiki page:

> users/lookup
> Return up to 20 users worth of extended information, specified by either ID, 
> screen name, or combination of the two. The author's most recent status (if 
> the authenticating user has permission) will be returned inline.  Users can, 
> at most, look up 1000 users in 
> method status | report a bug

So, 20 IDs per request, and a total of 1,000 IDs per hour, or requests
per hour (totalling 20,000 IDs per hour)?

Currently, with whitelisted IPs, one can pull 20,000 IDs per hour, so I
sure hope this isn't a limit of 1,000 IDs per hour through this new API

On 3/11/10 10:48 AM, Raffi Krikorian wrote:
> we launched an endpoint yesterday that allows you to fetch 20 users by
> user_id or by screen_name at a time -- we call this our "bulk user show"
> API.  
> you can find more documentation at
> http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Twitter-REST-API-Method:-users-lookup.

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