5e is intended to cover publication of general statistics about the streams,
such as Tweets per second, etc., not the display of Tweets themselves.

The new Commercial License should be a lot clearer.

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> On 3月10ζ—₯, 午後10:22, Andrew Badera <and...@badera.us> wrote:
> > Not sure about the REST/Search API, but on the Streaming side:
> >
> > http://twitter.com/pdfs/streaming_api_eula.pdf
> >
> > ... see Restrictions ...
> >
> Reading the Content License Agreement for the streaming API I am
> confused by how the granting of a license to publicly display the
> content from the streams (1i. Content License) works with the
> obligation to use only for internal purposes.  What does "internal
> purposes" mean here? Does the "unless expressly authorized herein"
> part negate the restriction to not release the data publicly? Or this
> just to prevent people from reselling the data?
> ---- from  CLA  start ------
> 1. Content License.
> "Twitter grants you a nonexclusive, revocable
> license to use the Content to: (i) use, reproduce, distribute,
> transmit, publicly display and publicly perform the Content thereof,
> solely on and through your Service. "
> ....
> 5. Your Obligations.
> (e) User Data.
> You may only use the Content and Content Feed and any data resulting
> or provided therefrom for internal purposes only and, unless expressly
> authorized herein, you may not publicly release or disclose any data
> or usage statistics or other information (in the aggregate or
> otherwise) regarding the Content.  You agree to and will make
> available to Twitter any data, usage statistics or
> other information (in the aggregate) regarding the access and use of
> the Content.
> ---- from  CLA end ------
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