After the callback happens from twitter back to my site, my param is
not included.

I tried both appending a param to the
and also my oauth_callback url when redirecing with no success.

Only one querystring returns which is the auth_token from the

Is this because the callback url is defined in the twitter app

Thanks for the responses everyone

On Apr 2, 4:51 pm, Taylor Singletary <>
> Include a parameter that identifies the session in your callback URL.
> You can specify the callback in your request_token step and can
> include params, provides they are URL encoded and part of your
> callback URL.
> Loading the authorize step in an iframe or manipulating the OAuth
> sequence beyond its intent to provide a secure and consistent Twitter
> authorization experience in any way is not kosher.
> Taylor
> On Friday, April 2, 2010, dvu714 <> wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > I have a web app where i want to integrate twitter to allow users to
> > post tweets to their accounts.  So when a user is logged in my site
> > and wants to post a tweet, i open a new window redirecting to twitter
> > oAuth with credentials.  On the callback coming back to my site i am
> > able to retrieve the auth_token, but i have just lost my user's
> > session id.  Tried putting the twitter oauth in an iframe with no luck
> > either.
> > So my question is, how would i retain my user's current session id in
> > my system, while retrieving an auth token from twitter using oAuth to
> > store for their current session on my site.
> > Thanks
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