On 04/07/2010 03:07 PM, Lil Peck wrote:


> I worry that once basic authentication is discontinued, that I will
> have to stop using Twitter in my web based apps. Seems to me that
> oauth is needlessly too complicated and bloated for many Twitter uses.

oAuth is easy if you're using one of the common scripting languages
(Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, .NET) to build your web application. They all
have libraries that do all the detailed oAuth processing for you.


> I am not at all enchanted by Facebook and whatever I do with Facebook
> is out of sheer necessity.

Yeah - same here. I've been on LinkedIn since 2005 and Twitter since
2007. I just joined Facebook in 2009, and nearly all of my Facebook
friends are people I met through Twitter. ;-)

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