it was stated fairly clearly and plainly by @dickc at @chirp that promoted
tweets would be iterated upon inside the web view first. there is going to
be a second and third "phase" of the program -- one of which involves
"syndication" (i.e. have promoted tweets appear in the API).

On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 11:09 AM, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

> On 04/18/2010 10:57 AM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> >>> its too early to know answers to either of these questions -- the
> promoted
> >>> tweets program just started, and i suspect it will be a few months
> before we
> >>> get to the syndication phase of the program.
> >>
> >> All I want at this point in the Promoted Tweets development cycle is the
> >> ability to recognize that a tweet has been promoted when I see one come
> >> out of the API, whether it's from REST, Search or Streaming.
> >
> > What he said.
> >
> Although ... in playing around with searches for Starbucks, it looks
> like "promotion" is being done only in one specific case: I am logged in
> to and do a search for some specific things in the search
> box on the right of the page. I haven't gotten a Promoted Tweet from the
> search on the main Twitter page when I'm logged out or from
>, even though I am using the same query.
> So I'm guessing the only way to "see" a Promoted Tweet from the API at
> the moment would be:
> 1. Find a search that gives you a Promoted Tweet.
> 2. Save it.
> 3. Re-activate the saved search from the API.
> Anyone from Twitter want to comment? It's starting to look to me like
> Promoted Tweets is being done outside the API for now.
> Given what I know about on line marketing and analytics, I'm not
> entirely convinced it's in Twitter's interest to answer my questions
> here. But I can ask. ;-)
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