On May 11, 3:21 pm, Dewald Pretorius <dpr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As well (I know it has been discussed elsewhere), I am consistently
> seeing API response times in excess of 3 seconds per call. It is
> actually rare to see one that takes less than 2 seconds. This is on
> connections from Dallas. But, even using twitter.com in the web
> browser from Canada is also painfully slow.


I can't provide any constructive feedback to your problem, but I was
wondering if you had any input on this message I posted earlier today:

Also, having had to play the tech support role for a while in a
previous life, is running tcpdump on a live server for 30-60 seconds
really going to mess with your app in any noticeable way? The majority
of the time when people ask for that kind of information it's not to
satisfy their sadomasochistic desires to trawl through network dumps,
it's to make their life easier while trying to identify/recreate and
fix your problem.

Glenn Gillen

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