My system makes thousands of outgoing calls per minute, and a lot of
them are going to non-Twitter destinations. Even if it wouldn't mess
with my app, I'm not sending a TCP dump/log anywhere. There's nothing
inappropriate in there, but calls, destinations, and volume of calls
that my system makes are proprietary business information.

On May 11, 11:34 am, glenn gillen <> wrote:
> On May 11, 3:21 pm, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> > As well (I know it has been discussed elsewhere), I am consistently
> > seeing API response times in excess of 3 seconds per call. It is
> > actually rare to see one that takes less than 2 seconds. This is on
> > connections from Dallas. But, even using in the web
> > browser from Canada is also painfully slow.
> Dewald,
> I can't provide any constructive feedback to your problem, but I was
> wondering if you had any input on this message I posted earlier 
> today:
> Also, having had to play the tech support role for a while in a
> previous life, is running tcpdump on a live server for 30-60 seconds
> really going to mess with your app in any noticeable way? The majority
> of the time when people ask for that kind of information it's not to
> satisfy their sadomasochistic desires to trawl through network dumps,
> it's to make their life easier while trying to identify/recreate and
> fix your problem.
> --
> Glenn Gillen

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