I was also facing that 401 issue till today morning, now its throwing
me 403 error on trying to tweet through code. However other
functionalities are working fine.
The application is granted with both "read and write" access. I havent
done any code changes or modified any application settings.
Any suggestions ?


On May 21, 10:28 am, Shannon Whitley <swhit...@whitleymedia.com>
> I've been keeping track of the major oAuth issues that developers report to
> me.  I've also hit these a few times myself.
>    1. The date/time on your machine must be accurate. Make sure you’ve
>    performed a recent sync with a known time source.
>    2. If you’re trying to call a Twitter API method that will update data,
>    the oAuth setup must be Read/Write on Twitter.com/oAuth.
>    3. Recheck all of your querystring variables for proper encoding.  The
>    method that you use for encoding querystring variables may not be oAuth
>    compliant.

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