I'm not at Twitter but I read the blog post as saying that ads around the Twitter timeline (as part of the UI of an application or website) are fine but ads IN the Twitter timeline (as paid tweets) are not.


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It's confusing to me that Dick says there will be no third party ads
(8th paragraph) but under Fostering Innovation, #2, he talks apps
about selling ads. Does this decision do away with services like
Sponsored Tweets?

I appreciate such a thoughtful blog post (and hope there are more in
the future) but what is absent is any language of partnership or
collaboration. Twitter's goals are stated and basically, everyone else
has to deal with the consequence.

Also, the language of optimizing user experience. Can you tell me what
is the basis of user experience testing that occurs at Twitter?
Because there is no mechanism for users to offer feedback to Twitter
about their "experience". How do you know whether a development
enhances user experience or not? It seems like Twitter does what they
think is best, regardless of what the bulk of users might want.

Thanks for any answers you can provide.

Liz Pullen

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