Hey Ryan (and everyone else), few questions about the fine details of
this I'd love to get clarification on.

First and foremost - when do the new TOS go into effect? I see they're
already up on the API TOS page ( http://dev.twitter.com/pages/api_terms
), but would like clarification. We're suddenly in violation now, so
want to see what kind of timeline we have to comply.  Are you'll going
to start enforcing this immediately, or do you'll have a set date to
comply with the new TOS by.

One of the points in the post, the killer line obviously, is "we will
not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any
service that leverages the Twitter API".
Based on that it seems it's still within the rules if a Twitter User
posts an ad themselves to Twitter manually, rather than a 3rd party
doing it? Can you verify if that's a violation or not?

>From the blog post it would seem that is acceptable, but the one line
from the new TOS might negate it: "Tweets may be used in
advertisements, not as advertisements.".
Does this mean that even a tweet posted manually to a users timeline
cannot be an advertisement? In other words, no commerce, whether it's
direct relationship between a Tweeter and an Advertiser, or through an
intermediary (SponsoredTweets, Ad.ly, etc) is a violation -- whether
the 3rd party posts it themselves of the Twitter User does the actual

Thanks, hope to get clarification soon,
Adam Fortuna

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