I sent an email in to api@ this week.  Got back a case # which, when
clicked, requires me to login.  It then tells me that the case #
1008949 does not exist.

So, I logged in under the twitter account that created the app and
created another ticket.  Got another ticket #1009859.  I am now
wondering how long this is supposed to take.  (if the first one is
invalid, then my new support case is now over 900 cases farther down
in the queue.  :(

Does anyone have any ideas?  I have seen (when searching on google)
that some people say it takes upwards of a week to get the approval.
I am stuck however because I cannot even test my iPhone app using this
method. (I am using http://aralbalkan.com/3133 (xAuthTwitterEngine) to
implement and I can see no method to begin even testing using my own

Shouldn't there be some way to (at least) test your app using the
username and password that was used to create the "Application" in

Please give some insight.  Maybe I am missing something stupid.



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