Hi Raffi,

On 9/06/10 8:57 AM, Raffi Krikorian wrote:
"url" : "http://t.co/s9gfk2d4";,
"display_url" : "http://dev.twitter.com";,
"indices" : [23, 43]
Any chance of getting the title of the resolved URL added in here too if available?

Then we could display a link like :

<a title="Twitter Dev" href="http://t.co/s9gfk2d4";>

or :

<a title="http://dev.twitter.com"; href="http://t.co/s9gfk2d4";>
   Twitter Dev

This would give even more context to users, without having to follow the redirect path, & load and parse the page to extract it as well.



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