On 8/11/10 9:37 PM, Skygazer wrote:
> My company has several news sites and each has one or more Twitter
> accounts depending on the topic. I've created a new app using OAuth
> and PHP to post our news stories automatically as they are published.
> Previously with basic authentication I would just pass the username
> and password etc. to get the story posted. But now I'm wondering, do I
> need to create a new app for every Twitter account we have? Or can I
> post to our accounts with the one app I created with its keys and
> tokens? And if I can use just the one app, how do I post to the other
> accounts? The app was created on our primary Twitter account.
> Thanks
> Marc
> PS I already have the OAuth and PHP code working for our primary
> Twiter account.

Hi Marc,

Each app can only have one "from application" name, unlike Basic
Authentication. This may be limiting. Also, each app has two sets of
keys, the consumer keys (app keys) and oauth keys (user keys).

The user keys which you get by default are the user keys which belong to
the account which owns the app. This does not mean that you can't get
more keys, but you will need to go through the so-called oauth dance.

I can't help you with that (never had to implement it, I'm a desktop
developer) but I'm sure that http://dev.twitter.com can help you with it.


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