Awesome! Looks good and so many customizations while still being
simple and easy to configure makes it a winner!


On Aug 12, 8:28 pm, themattharris <> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Today we’re launching the Tweet Button to make it easy for your users
> to share your website with their followers. When they click on the
> Tweet Button, a Tweet box will appear pre-populated with a message and
> link chosen by you. Once they have sent a Tweet they can choose to
> follow accounts recommended by you. All of this happens on your
> website, so the user never has to leave.
> You have complete control over the suggested text of the Tweet Button,
> who the Tweet should be attributed to and recommendations of who to
> follow. All of this is possible through a line of javascript and a few
> URL parameters or data attributes of a link.
> To add this to your own site grab it from,
> or create your own using our developer 
> documentation,
> Read more about the Tweet Button on our 
> blog,
> Best
> Matt
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> Matt Harris
> Developer Advocate, Twitter

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