I'm having several issues.
Tweet counts are now displaying, but I'm guessing you're caching the
count on the users browser as I can see 3 different counts in 3
different browsers atm. How long is this cached on client? Refreshing
does not update, and my firefox still shows the count it saw last

I'm using the urlencoded method with the js.
Tested iframe version with same results.

Also, and this one is big...
I'm playing with them on forums, and the only page I see counts is on
index (domain.com, no dyn url). The buttons on viewfourm and viewtopic
(which have dynamic urls) never display a count. Is there some issue
with dyn urls and the button? The tco wrapped links resolve to the
pages properly, but counts never appear to go up.

When testing the button using the tweet button page on twitter, the
count increases. I can go back and set url in it again and.... the
count shows the updated count? Clearly the js being used on the
twitter site itself differs from the widgets.js. Is there an update to
that widgets.js coming?

I'd love to use these instead of third party buttons, but exactly what
is going on lol.

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