why when I click on the count it will send me to the search for both the url of the page and the base url?

On 13/08/10 9:12 AM, artesea wrote:
Anyone else getting the count to work? Had several people press the
button and it still shows zero, and when clicking on the zero it takes
me to the search page containing their tweet, plus our autotweet
everytime we do a blog post.

Also will you be counting all tweets containing the URL, or only those
via the button?


On Aug 12, 4:28 pm, themattharris<thematthar...@twitter.com>  wrote:
Hey everyone,

Today we’re launching the Tweet Button to make it easy for your users
to share your website with their followers. When they click on the
Tweet Button, a Tweet box will appear pre-populated with a message and
link chosen by you. Once they have sent a Tweet they can choose to
follow accounts recommended by you. All of this happens on your
website, so the user never has to leave.

You have complete control over the suggested text of the Tweet Button,
who the Tweet should be attributed to and recommendations of who to
follow. All of this is possible through a line of javascript and a few
URL parameters or data attributes of a link.

To add this to your own site grab it fromhttp://twitter.com/tweetbutton,
or create your own using our developer 

Read more about the Tweet Button on our 



Matt Harris
Developer Advocate, Twitterhttp://twitter.com/themattharris

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