On 8/16/10 4:47 PM, stevew wrote:
> Under the old basic auth, I could have a section of our web based CMS
> that could enable logged in users to tweet to our company's twitter
> account without needing to know the username and password.
> However it appears to me that once twitter removes the basic
> authentication this functionality will be gone as anyone who wants to
> use a web app to post to a particular account will actually have to be
> logged into the account in question, is that correct?
> Is there any official, white-hat way to accomplish this? It is a
> really useful feature!

You mean *from* your company's account? With OAuth, you don't need
username/password, because these are replaced by credentials. It's still
very much possible.

If you mean *to* your account, then you will need the credentials of the
users, like you normally would. This would be done via OAuth, or the
easy way which is called @Anywhere - simple javascript which you can put
on your website, allowing your users to Tweet from your website without
a lot of implementation work.

Just 2 options - a lot more is possible ;-)


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