Happens in all browsers even days after the number of tweets is up to
4 or 5 (ok not a busy site but still zero make it look crap)
Like I said before clicking on the number brings me to a page showing
all the tweets so they are there, just for some reason twitter when
doing the count lookup isn't finding them (url to short??? doesn't
like .org.uk???)
My shortlinks are the same for each post as I'm just using the
wordpress post id with a 301 redirect.
Not seeing any reply from Twitter other than "it's probably a cache
issue", which it clearly isn't.


On Aug 16, 1:13 pm, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> I have one theory and that is that the Twitter button caches the
> numbers. Try opening a different browser - I've heard people that said
> that this works.
> You should also make sure that you don't generate a new shortlink for
> every tweet.
> Tom

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