* mikesouthern <gb1...@cox.net> [100904 19:56]:
> I'm not a developer. I just use perl scripts to automate my twitter
> feeds.

For perl devs, the move to OAuth is really quite easy, especially for
automated scripts.

Register an application at http://dev.twitter.com. Grab the consumer
key and secret, and the access token and secret.

    use Net::Twitter;

    my $nt = Net::Twitter->new(
        traits => [qw/OAuth API::REST/],
        consumer_key        => $YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY,
        consumer_secret     => $YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET,
        access_token        => $YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN,
        access_token_secret => $YOUR_ACCESS_SECRET,

    $nt->update("Bob's your uncle!");

Need help?  Just drop by #net-twitter at irc.perl.org.


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