If you change the access level, the keys don't. You will have to create
new user credentials. There are multiple ways of doing this, the easiest
one being simply re-creating the application on dev.twitter.com, this
time with proper settings. A different option would be to revoke access
(Settings -> Connections) and then re-authorize.


On 9/6/10 8:10 PM, Chris Hunt wrote:
>> For perl devs, the move to OAuth is really quite easy
> Not for me it's not.
> I'm not trying to write a full-featured Twitter client, just trying to
> get my event calendar app to send a few tweets to a particular
> account. I don't need mega-high security, I just need it to work.
> I've registered at http://dev.twitter.com, filling in everything
> except the "callback URL", cos I don't know what that is.
> With some to-ing and fro-ing, I've managed to collect the four key
> values and put each into a perl variable in my config file. I have set
> the access level to "Read and Write". I've installed Net::OAuth on my
> machine, and I've tried sending a tweet like this:
>       my $tw = Net::Twitter::Lite->new(
>           traits => [qw/OAuth API::REST/],
>           consumer_key        => $TWITCONSKEY,
>           consumer_secret     => $TWITCONSSEC,
>           access_token        => $TWITACCTOK,
>           access_token_secret => $TWITACCSEC,
>       );
>       my $result = $tw->update("$message");
> It just comes back with "Read-only application cannot POST", even
> though it isn't.
> What do I do now?

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