I have a delicate question about status updates.
Is it against the Twitter TOS to send tweet every time script finds
another candidate?

Let me explain more..
Few days ago I've created a website called hottwittz.com.
Script finds users who said that they are hot / sexy, and allows users
to to vote.

Every few minutes script checks for new candidates and then adds them
to database..
Until yesterday, when script found new user, new tweet was written to
notify the user that he's been added..
Something like " @username you have been added ...."

Currently there are 50 - 100 users found each day...and i'm not sure
if sending lets say 100 "similar" tweets each day would be considered

So is this considered spam? Is this against rules or is maybe some
better way to notify users?

This is needed because users have option to write to me and be
First impressions are great and in most cases people are flattered and
call their friends to vote for them.

This is just an example to describe my problem.

Thank You

Goran Popovic

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