Hi John,

Well, for a search term 'java' the async API is 'ok' and the
differences 'only in search' can be easily explained: the keywords are
in the URL.
But the differences 'only in async' (tweets grabbed only via streaming
API) are strange to me:


Why are they lost?

You can build the java mini programm via (or via your favourite IDE):
mvn clean install

and call it via:
./myjava -Dtwitter4j.oauth.consumerKey=key -
Dtwitter4j.oauth.consumerSecret=value de.jetwick.tw.NewClass "java"
token tokenSecret

to see what I mean ...

Another strange fact is that a lot of long tweets retrieved via the
streaming api have a text which is ~15 character shorter than the
identical tweet from the search API !



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