Hi Matt,

'only in async' which tweets which were only retrieved via the
streaming API (asynchronous retrieval) but not via search API.
Examples** with ids are given in the file:

Do you know what I mean? Why are those tweets missing when I use the
search API?

Regarding the long tweet: it seems to me that this minor issue only
appears for retweets. e.g. the following tweet is from the streaming
API (and shortened)

RT @bcoders: Episode 33 onsite from @JFokus with @neal4d @nicksieger
@brjavaman & Kirk Pepperdine is out! http://bit.ly/eikmux "is
#Java ...

and this tweet is from the search API:

RT @bcoders: Episode 33 onsite from @JFokus with @neal4d @nicksieger
@brjavaman & Kirk Pepperdine is out! http://bit.ly/eikmux "is #Java a

Kind Regards,

Wed Feb 16 17:19:50 CET 2011 INFO:### only in async ###
37847925648261120 Quiero el iPad que los de @atSistemas sortean en la
conferencia Spring I/O http://bit.ly/g7jlTP #springio #java #groovy
37848944344039424 a linguagem java é uma liguagem que usa com
37849380283355136 Java, JavaScripy, C++ and UnrealScript bring it on!
37849380727816193 Trying to get into Delphi, not as exciting as Java,
but maybe I can find some open course-ware with an eccentric lecturer
to make it better.
37849615566905344 スクリプト言語やめてPure Java化.Java連携が楽になると嬉しい / JavaFX
Roadmap http://t.co/1GcXC14
37849637519884288 กลัวโค้ด ๋๋๋Java >.<

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