Hi Matt,

sorry for being unspecific. By 'only in async' I meant tweets which
were only found by the streaming API ('asynchronous retrieval') but
were not in the search results **

Why are they missing when using search API?

> Also can you give an example of what you mean by a long Tweet.

I investingated this a bit more and it seems to be intendend (?):
these tweets are 'only' retweets. As example here is one too short
tweet returned from the streaming API:

RT @bcoders: Episode 33 onsite from @JFokus with @neal4d @nicksieger
@brjavaman & Kirk Pepperdine is out! http://bit.ly/eikmux "is
#Java ...

and the same tweet (id == 37959896615886848) was more complete when
returned from the search API:

RT @bcoders: Episode 33 onsite from @JFokus with @neal4d @nicksieger
@brjavaman & Kirk Pepperdine is out! http://bit.ly/eikmux "is #Java a

So, when I use search API I'll miss tweets and when using streaming
API I'll miss text? Do I need to use both?


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