You can give a look at "Build your own Tweet button" ( ) , as you
can set the URL to share as a GET parameter (that later will get
''-ized). The only problem I could foresee is that the Share
window won't open as a pop-up.

On Feb 22, 6:22 pm, ReapMarketing <> wrote:
> I am running an email campaign and my developer is having issues with
> getting the link to share on Twitter. The links are user specific and
> contain necessary scripts on the tail end that cannot be removed for
> campaign tracking purposes so the link ends up being over the
> character limit.
> Is it possible to shorten these dynamic links from the click within
> the email to the sharing within Twitter.  I see their are some
> javascript processes available, but I am limited by the fact that I am
> operating within the email itself so I can't apply a javascript to the
> header, like I could on a webpage I work in.
> If this is not clear or you think I could explain better please let me
> know.  Otherwise if you have any ideas I'd appreciate your
> recommendation.
> Thanks,
> ReapMarketing

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