Thanks for the clarification Ryan. Two questions:

1) Do you have a clear definition of what counts as a Twitter client?
Is it any app/service that posts updates to Twitter, including apps
like twitterfeed and Instapaper? Or is it only those apps that are
"primarily" clients? I'm certainly familiar with the challenge of
classifying apps ;) but wanted to know who will be covered by the ToS
Section 1.5 and how you think about "clients" given Twitter's updated

2) In section 1.5.A of the ToS it says:

"Your Client must use the Twitter API as the sole source for features
that are substantially similar to functionality offered by Twitter.
Some examples include trending topics, who to follow, and suggested
user lists."

Is the "Who to follow" functionality available via API from Twitter
for clients that want to offer this? I wasn't aware that it been
released as API but may have missed it on



On Mar 11, 3:47 pm, Eric Mill <> wrote:
> "More specifically, developers ask us if they should build client apps that
> mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.  The
> answer is no."
> "We need to ensure users can interact with Twitter the same way everywhere."
> I'm not sure you can say these things and simultaneously try to say you have
> a welcoming developer environment. All third party Twitter developers, no
> matter what they make, are now walking on eggshells, constantly at risk of
> offending Twitter's ideas of how users should interact with Twitter.
> You may feel you "need" this consistency, but you don't. You want it, and
> are willing to make tradeoffs to get it. I just hope you realize how big
> those tradeoffs are, and how chilling it is for Twitter to decide that only
> certain kinds of innovation on the Twitter API are welcome.
> -- Eric

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