we read the updated API TOS and I believe those make a lot of sense,
can't see anything "unusual" or "concerning".

I can't see any issue that could affect us as Twimbow (web based
social media dashboard) since our mid-term roadmap is way more than a
"twitter client" but I can clearly see what you mean in terms of
"consistency". I tried myself many clients that were trying to use the
content coming from Twitter in the wrong way and trying to give a
guidance makes a lot of sense, imho.

That said, I think there is a lot of space for innovation in the
client space, too. There are lots of features that could be helpful
for users in order to get the most out of the huge amount of
information they deal with everyday and we are definitely looking
forward to adding them to Twimbow in the following versions. Most of
them are around filtering and categorizing, all aligned with your TOS,
of course.

Let's keep this conversation going, I think it is very useful for


Luca Filigheddu
CEO, Twimbow
@filos <http://twitter.com/filos>

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