The more I think about this, the less it makes any sense whatsoever to
force everyone through a re-authentication if DM access is required.

Here's why:

1) For existing user tokens, the users have already granted access
with the knowledge that it is to their DMs as well. In other words,
they have already granted access to their DMs.

2) If an app needs access to the users' DMs, it is going to force
thousands of people to waste thousands of hours to re-authorize
something they want the app to do and something they have already
implicitly granted to the app.

3) Many users are going to miss the memo, and then be very upset with
the app owner(s) because what had worked before suddenly stopped

4) Additional and completely unnecessary workload and costs are going
to be added to the support staff of the app, to help users who do not
understand why they need to re-authorize, or who have missed the memo
in the first place.

5) By forcing re-authorization for apps that require DM access and
already have DM access, Twitter gains absolutely nothing. After
forcing thousands of people through a redundant process, we're back at
where we started, namely, the app has access to the user's DMs. It's
not like the user has a choice of not granting a requesting app access
to his DMs, but only to his followers and tweets. If the app request
DM access, the user can either grant it, or deny access completely.
Exactly the same way it works today.

The only benefit here is for apps who don't need DM access, which will
now be able to request account access without DM access. But, if the
app does not need or use access to DMs, it provides absolutely no
benefit to take existing DM access of already granted user tokens
away. It is not used.

It makes perfect sense to implement this change from a date going
forward, meaning all user tokens granted after that date will be
either Read, Read & Write, or Read & Write & DM. That provides more
transparency for the user. But to yank away existing access rights and
then force the equivalent of a small nation through a re-
authentication process just to re-establish what had already been
granted and then unilaterally taken away, that makes no sense at all.

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