Thanks Matt! 

I still urge you to reconsider the mass breakage of older existing apps, and 
crippling of the mobile/desktop app user experiences going forward. 

My own judgement is that yes, maybe the user didn't realize that they didn't 
want to give that level of access and maybe the web flow can help twitter 
communicate to the user better what they app is request, but it's going up 
against all the issues of users that already authorized are not expecting 
things to break. It also throws away all the constant re-hashing went 
through before basic auth went away around the UX of oAuth that drove the 
development of xAuth in the first place.  

I fear it's going to be litteral countdown until doomsday and hell is going 
to break out of users and developers that didn't get the memo. (I just 
checked, and my mother is still using a twitter client for the iPad that was 
updated over 4 months ago.)


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