Hello Twitter and Twitter Devs!

I have an issue with the consumer key and secret . I have seemed to
run into a bug while logging information in xcode for IOS.

Here is the issue. If I log more then the default count it will work
for about 10 minutes then my key seems to become frozen and not work
for about 30 minutes.

>From what I make of it it seemed to be locking my keys for a certain
amount of time. Which is not just in Xcode, it also affects my devices
with the app on it....

So for example if I use the normal count which is only 20 everything
works just fine, then if I log 100 everything works fine for around
two refreshes then it locks the keys up which means if I had the app
out for production and wanted to change something and this happens ALL
my customers will be affected .

I am completely confused as to why this would happen besides there
must be a bug in the API and the consumer key, secrets....

So if anyone has any clue why this would be happening or how I can fix
this please enlighten me. For Twitter Moderators if this is a
technical issue that you feel might need to be addressed please let me
know that there is an issue and it is being worked on to be resolved.

Thank you

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