Well, using more than 350 requests per hour most certainly gets you a permanent block...


On 6/5/11 7:53 PM, iDeviceDesigns wrote:

Dear iDeviceDesigns,

         As you don't mention which route you are using, I can only make a 

         I make almost every query to Twitter using the maximum count from iOS 
(200 tweets w/ user info and entities). On startup I also go get the most 
recent 800+ tweets. My access tokens, as advertised, never expire.

         I am heavier user of the API, as you claim to use it, than you are and 
I do not see your reported behavior. Hence, without more specific data, I 
suggest that the problem is in your code.


P.S. Most APIs that service hundreds of thousands of accesses every hour, as 
Twitter's APIs do, are really unlikely to exhibit this kind of bug. It would 
hit every client and web site. We would hear about it on this list.

I am sorry I should have been more specific with the actual flow that
I am using. I use MGTwitterEngine and OAuth which seems to work great
and I searched through twitter API for IOS and it seemed to be the
only library available. So I would assume most IOS developers are
using this form of Twitters API....

The initial login in and redirect is just fine as well as ALL
timelines such as followers list and replies ect et.. I receive ALL of
the 20 objects I call out such as text, screen_names, description,
user_profile_image ect ect... Then if I call out 100 objects
everything works fine for around 10 minutes then just goes blank and
nothing works for around 30 minutes and it has repeated this several

So lets just say hypothetically it is within my codes "which is a good
possibility by your explanation" could you or anyone else give a few
reasons why a consumer key and secret would freeze up?

I ask this because I am 99.9 percent positive the key is freezing up.
It happens I walk away for 30 minutes and it works again or sometimes
I have to reset the key and put the new key in my code.... As well as
it affects the device that the code itself has yet to be run on so the
devices code was still only calling out 20 and it works just fine then
I was running the new code in the simulator and my device stopped
receiving objects.

What are a few things that makes a key freeze up?

I have tried to look in Twitters documentations of an issue like this
or of a occasion they might freeze the keys but can not seem to find a
straight answer.

Thanks I appreciate the insight.

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