On Jun 5, 2011, at 10:07 , iDeviceDesigns wrote:

> So for example if I use the normal count which is only 20 everything
> works just fine, then if I log 100 everything works fine for around
> two refreshes then it locks the keys up which means if I had the app
> out for production and wanted to change something and this happens ALL
> my customers will be affected .
> I am completely confused as to why this would happen besides there
> must be a bug in the API and the consumer key, secrets....

Dear iDeviceDesigns,

        As you don't mention which route you are using, I can only make a guess.

        I make almost every query to Twitter using the maximum count from iOS 
(200 tweets w/ user info and entities). On startup I also go get the most 
recent 800+ tweets. My access tokens, as advertised, never expire.

        I am heavier user of the API, as you claim to use it, than you are and 
I do not see your reported behavior. Hence, without more specific data, I 
suggest that the problem is in your code.


P.S. Most APIs that service hundreds of thousands of accesses every hour, as 
Twitter's APIs do, are really unlikely to exhibit this kind of bug. It would 
hit every client and web site. We would hear about it on this list.

Andrew W. Donoho
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