API requests. Loading a page from https://api.twitter.com/1/ counts as 1 request. Of course, it goes per user per application, so the number of users isn't really relevant for iPhone applications.



On 6/5/11 10:39 PM, iDeviceDesigns wrote:

On Jun 5, 1:22 pm, Tom van der Woerdt<i...@tvdw.eu>  wrote:
Well, using more than 350 requests per hour most certainly gets you a
permanent block...


On 6/5/11 7:53 PM, iDeviceDesigns wrote:

Would you mind clearing that up a little?

350 request per hour? I have been reading about this but it does not
make much sense to me. I am just creating  application such as
twitteriffic. I only call out for 100 tweets per timeline  and as of
right now I am the only one using this.

So to clarify this...350 request per hour, would that include a NSLog?
just logging the information to use to parse?

I am quite confused to why their is a block or limit and what I can do
to not hit that limit but still achieve retrieving data from twitter
for an application that is estimated to have over 5,000 users when

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