Hello Jack,

I dont know wy it is so mutch bigger, sorry :(

TWSocket is listening socket, it does nothing else than listening. When
new connection comes in then the connection is accepted by another
TWSocket and so on. So you can support as many clients as you want. This
is also how TWSocketServer works.

What I was trying to say with 1 client, that it is very simple, you dont
have to code mutch. When you have to support many clients then you have
todo all things that are on board in TWSocketServer.

Rgds, Wilfried

Monday, April 11, 2005, 05:53, Jack wrote:

> Thanks Wilfried and Arno.

> I did have NOFORMS defined in the project settings.
> That's how I got 111KB in the original project. Then I
> just modified it.

> I tried excluding the uses units one by one and it seems
> that I'm having the minimum. What I have (in all units) are:

>   Windows, SysUtils, Messages, WSocket, WsocketS;

> I still can not make the file smaller than 300+KB :(

> BTW Wilfried, it seems that TWSocket does support more
> than 1 client. The ConSrv sample is a telnet server and I
> tried with 2 telnet clients, both worked fine :)

> -- 
> Best regards,
> Jack

> Sunday, April 10, 2005, 1:54:18 PM, you wrote:

WM>> Hello Jack,

>>> With NOFORMS defined, the application size is about 111KB.

WM>> the NOFORMS exclude some units in the uses clause to decrease the
WM>> filesize.

>>> After I replaced TWSocket with TWSocketServer, the file size
>>> becomes over 300KB. I went through the uses clauses. It's
>>> the minimum already. I can not make it as small as it was.

WM>> Hmm I suspect some unit can be excluded in uses clause because not the
WM>> TWSocketServer increase with 200 kb.

>>> 1. Why is TWSocket used for the server socket, instead of
>>>    TWSocketServer?

WM>> I think this is older demo. TWSocketServer did not exists in the
WM>> beginning.

>>>    If so, what's the difference of using it and TWSocketServer for
>>>    server sockets? In other words, when should I use TWSocket and when
>>>    to use TWSocketServer?

WM>> Use TWSocketServer for TCP server sockets. TWSocketServer use TWSocket
WM>> as server socket. You can use TWSocket of course but then you have to
WM>> reinvent the wheel, holding client connections and all other goodies
WM>> that are implemented in TWSocketServer.

WM>> Maybe there is one exception (but I think you only gain a few kb of exe
WM>> size), and that is if you only wants to have 1 client.

WM>> ---
WM>> Rgds, Wilfried
WM>> http://www.mestdagh.biz

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