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> > I'm kinda new in Delphi but i really really need to write some
> > application... My application would have some TStringList where it would
> > contain urls... then i wouldlike to process this list in some threads...
> for
> > example 100 threads... the thread would get the content of url, run some
> > procedure/s and give the results/s to some other TStringList...
> Well, you don't need multithreading with ICS. ICS is asynchronous and non
> blocking. Except is very special situations, using multithreading will
> actually _reduce_ performance, even on a multiprocessor computer. If you
> tell us what you really want to do, we can tell you if multithreading is
> needed or not.

I need to constantly gather data form a server about diffrent items ... that
generally what i need... alot of items... the site isnt too user friendly so
i got to copy/cut some things and put them into for example listview... and
when it changes, the data in listview is being updated... for example:


this gives me some html with some table in whitch there is some information
about product ... for example:
name: canon 3200f
resolution: 2048dpi
price: 333$

and i need to check alot of items continously so i would be the first one
that knows that the price has changed or something...
because there are alot of records to check, i wanted it to be threaded...

thank your for your help...

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