> > Can you elaborate about what the application has to do ?
> backup a file server.
> > What are the requirements ?
> - large file support. (int64)
> - single port use (because on ftp, the control connection crashes sometimes
> after a couple of houres (noop problem))
> - pure delphi (vcl)
> - authentification.
> - crc checking would be nice
> - bandwith control would be nice
> > Are you writing both client and server ?
> yes.

OK. I think you are in a case it is worth developping your own custom protocol 
between your client
and your server.

> - crc checking would be nice

This is not required since TCP is a reliable transport protocol.

> - large file support. (int64)

No problem. Even without changing FReadCount (see Arno's message), except of 
course if you want to
use this property that would warp aroung 2GB. Anyway changing it to Int64 is 
quick and easy.

> - authentification.

Easy. Better to implement a system where password never pass into clear text. 
Easy to send MD5 or
SHA1 hash instead of the password. We can talk more if you need it.

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