Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> On 13-Oct-05 15:33:39 Arno Garrels wrote:
>> Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> [...]
>>> It is a know issue. I already fix it and a "corrected" version of
>>> httpcli is on the ics site as beta.
>> Good to know, I was going to waste my time fixing it myself (not easy).
> Don't remaind me, it needed two weeks of work :-)

Just tested you code, so far it is working smoothly, good job!

However, I changed the string-type of new properties ServerAuth as well
as ProxyAuth to a new custom type: 
THttpAuthType = (httpAuthNone, httpAuthBasic, httpAuthNtlm);
This is much better practice and also faster because a lot of calls to
CompareStr() can be exchanged by faster checks (i.e. if FProxyAuth <> 
httpAuthNone then),
any veto?

Arno Garrels
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