Hello Geppy,

1. 32 KB peak is still low traffic, so (as you also say) it cannot be a
performance problem. Could be that the stop communictaion when resizing
a form is a coincidence since you say it stops anyway after a while. I
never had that problem so difficult to advice.

I assume that if one application in the chain is stopping that the chain
is broken and no application will send anymore ? So maybe the problem is
in only 1 application. Can you try to make just client + server to see
if same problem arrise ?

If you can make a simple project to demonstrate the behaviour I and
other can do a test run for debug.

2. Should work on network also. Try  to listen on address and
dont touch LocalAddress and LocalPort properties !  The IP of machine
should also work, but try first to listen on all interfaces.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Friday, November 11, 2005, 15:52, Geppy Piloni wrote:

> Hi guys,

> I'm writing with D7 Pro an application composed by three different layers,
> which communicate by ICS WSocket with a simple TCP/IP based protocol.

> The architecture is the following:
> The first layer, call it Data Collector, connects his WSockets to the 
> WSocketSerevr of the second layer, call it Server, and push some records to 
> it.
> The Server has another WSocketServer that listens for clients (third layer)
> and as soon as a client connects, the Server push the records received by
> Data Collector to all connected clients.

> I have some problem I cannot resolve.

> 1)Sometimes all the chain seems to stop communicating.
> I noticed that if I move/resize/minimize the windows of the applications,
> often the communications stops immediately.
> If I don't interact with the executables GUI, the transmissions goes for a
> longer time, but after some minutes it stops anyway: sometimes few dozens
> of seconds sometimes 9 or 10 minutes.
> The records are quite small, from 60 to 200 bytes.
> The average rate is 50/60 records every second, with peaks of 150/160: the
> CPU usage is very low, I don't think is a performance problem.
> I have Exception trappers in every method involved in communication 
> (ClientDataAvailable, ChangeState, ClientConnect, etc.) but non error is
> raised.

> 2)I'm not able to establish connections on a LAN: if all the executable are
> on the same machines I connect without any problem, but if they run on
> different machines.
> I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong with WSocket properties.
> I set Addr on the client and Address on the server with the IP address of
> server machine, the Port on same value on both sides: is this enough to
> make a connection on a LAN?

> Thank you in advance for you replies.

> Ciao.
> --
> Geppy Piloni

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