> released, effectively alpha testing.  Unfortunately such alpha testing 
> does not seem to be done by all ICS developers, so things get broken. 

> Of the two pending beta components, I found MimeDec to cause one of my 
> applications to no longer decode the last attachment part of email, and 
As I told before, it is not possible to leave it backward-compatible since
original TMimeDec marks end of part at any boundary - it sees ending and
starting boundary as one thing - resulting in phantom (empty) parts and
nested parts corruption. But since all of you are more interested in leaving
your software working improperly, I've dropped further TMimeDec development.
My last patches are in the TMimeDec beta available (AFAIR) on Overbyte
website - if anyone wants them, feel free to use them. Thanks.

Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek

INTERIA.PL | Kliknij po wiecej >>> http://link.interia.pl/f18c1

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