> I don't have the knowledge to understand who is right (actually I
> don't use Mime), but I have the same opinion of you: if something is
> wrong it must be corrected even if this mean that it is no more
> backward compatible.
> But at the same time the developer must be warned about a change
> like this.

I agree, if something is broken and all steps to make it backward 
compatible fail, applications need to be changed.  

But the August 2005 changes to the MimeDec source are undocumented in 
the file, the last change date was July 2004.  There was a message in 
this list 27 Aug listing 10 changes, but it makes no comments about 
changes needed to make application work with the new component and no 
new demo was provided.  

I seem to recall we were told to read RCFs to find out how MIME works 
and to study the source line by line to find out how to use it.  So we 
don't use it.  

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