Arno Garrels a écrit :
>>In fact, the pattern would be to have your accounts manager ignoring
>>everything on how to store itself and having some classes that "connect"
>>to it, knowing how to handle it to store and/or retrieve its data.
>>not sure to have been clear enough, but... ;)
> So I guess the Reader/Writer should provide events, something like 
> OnReadStart,
> OnReadGroup, OnReadAccount.. right? 


The idea would be to create methods and events which are mandatory for 
such readers/writers. After a quick thought i would suggest :

constructor .Create(UserAccountCollection);
method .Write;
   Event .OnBeginWrite(Self);
     Event .OnWriteItem(Self, CollectionItem);
   Event .OnEndWrite(Self);

For Read, the problem is that when reading, you cannot know in advance 
what/how you are reading (hence there can't be any ReadItem), so i would 
suggest :

method .Read;
   Event .OnBeginRead(Self);
   Event .OnRead(Self);

method .EndRead;
   Event .OnEndRead(Self);

i would even suggest that the OnEndRead event is triggered whenever the 
developper uses the EndRead method (like the Finish method used in 
Midware ServerObjects). it would permit to use some async socket within 
the OnRead Event...



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