> http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/2092/ics0rl.jpg

I don't know what your WPEPRO1 shows, but for sure it is _not_ IP packet size. 
Maybe WPEPRO1 show
the dialog with winsock API and this is _not_ directly related to line speed. 
The size of data
writtent to winsock at one time affect line speed only if your CPU is not fast 
enough to have enough
system calls to fill winsock buffer. It is for sure never the case with ADSL 
with even the slowest
CPU. But with gigabit link, you need a very fast CPU of course to sustain the 
gigabit line speed.

To see packet size, you need to use a packet sniffer such as ethereal. Link on 
the links page at my

> I know Change buffer size cannot change upload speed,
> But I use ADSL 8M / 640 kbps it should has max upload
> speed with 80 kb/s.
> if I send every packet size 32768 it can up to 50kb/s
> speed. by 8193 only has 20kb/s speed.
> I want to use my max upload speed and how can I to do?

You automatically have best transfert speed. No need to change buffer size, 
You have the best overall speed, use asyncronous operation only (use GetAsync, 
PostAsync and so on).

btw: You have unreadable characters in your subject line, at least seen from 

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