No real comment to add.. just a FYI..

Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
> Hello,
> To see the largest possible packet size you can do following. Choose
> some IP address of your ISP provider instead of this and try. You can
>  C:\>ping -l 1473 -f
> Pinging with 1473 bytes of data:
> Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set.
> As you see, my largest possible packet size is 1472. Adding 28 bytes of
> ICMP and IP headers I see my MTU is 1500. I am pretty sure you will have
> exact same result.

First time I've heard about ping's -l option, so I had to try it.

Here, Win XP SP2.. When I ping my isp's smtp server with a -l 1472, it
goes through just fine. But if I ping with anything higher, the request
times out.

To make sure it wasn't just the connection between me and my ISP's
machine, I did a 'ping -l 1473' .. Same thing.

C:\>ping -l 1473

Pinging [] with 1473 bytes of data:

Request timed out.

Just an interesting side note :)
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