Francois PIETTE wrote:

>I added custom pins to the Frappr ICS and MidWare group 
>( Using those pins, you can tell if you 
>are an ICS or a MidWare user, or both. If you already put your entry to 
>Frappr, please edit it to change your pin according to what you use. If you 
>haven't added yourself to the map, just do it now !

I am sure the intention was good, and this Frappr thing can be 
appealing, but ...

I would have liked this to be put only in the mailing list so that 
anyone interested could join
instead of  sending all our email addresses to "Rising Concept LLC" who 
operate Frappr.
(or Am I the only one who got their "You have been invited to join 'ICS 
and MidWare'"
email ?)

By doing so, you 'opted in' everyone on the list to receive whatever 
they want to send us.
Sure their privacy policy of the day say they won't spam, but it also 
says "We reserve the
right to change our privacy policy at any time"

Clearly, their business model is to sell people's location to 
advertisers. This information is
valuable for marketers since they can not legally get it in most 

When people sign for a list such as this one, they expect to be 
subscribing to the list and
nothing else. A list maintainer should always consider the membership 
list a confidential
information and never share it with a third party.

My 0.02 ...


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