Why not create a single timer that will scan every second a list of
transfered bytes values for each connection ?

AG> Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
>> Hello Fastream,
>> You can easely create thousands of TTimers, but you have to taken all
>> limits into account. From the moment you enable a TTimer a hidden window
>> is created. disabling the TTimer also destroy that window. So the window
>> is only there for a short time (while TTimer is running).
>> On the other hand you dont have to do it with TTimer. You can easy
>> create your own timer that does not need any window. See SetTimer in API
>> help.

AG> Yes, you can register any window that will then receive timer messages,
AG> but I think timers are limited as well, at least in Win9x, has it changed?

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>> Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 09:41, Fastream Technologies wrote:
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>>>> I dont mean TTimer, because that TTimers are limited recourse, also each
>>>> Timer create a hidden window also limited. So in your case using TTimers
>>>> will get you probably out of recourses.
>>> I asked a few days ago to Francois if the TTimer code of HttpCli could be
>>> used in THttpConnection (web server client connections) for thousands of
>>> clients and he said yes. Now you say it is not feasible just as I
>>> thought. Could you point me to some locations for reading about this? Is
>>> there a workaround for this problem?
>>> I need to throttle web connections with different speeds based on the
>>> domain/folder/username they access. That's it. I use multiple connections
>>> per thread design.
>>> Regards,
>>> SubZero

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