I have a "strange" situation. A customer use ISA server for proxy and has

>enabled the NTLM authentication. To authenticate some user must include the 
>domain (domain\username) and some other user must not include it (I mean, if 
>they include the domain they will not authenticated). I don't have 
>investigated what is the difference between these users.
>You have a similar situation with IIS? I mean, if you don't include the domain 
>you will be authenticated?
It seemes to me that you have the same problem as me. Try to separe the 
user and the domain. If it works let me know so I can patch the proxy 
part of NTLM auth too.
Without domain the user will not be authenticated, I tried. But I am not 
in controll of the server so maybe from another location users may 
possibli can authenticate themselves without domain.

I looked in Firefox NTLM code and it seemes that they do the same 
(separate the user and the domain).

Best regards,
Tibor Csonka
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