OK, I'll try the Base64 method....

Do you have any recommendation about Base64 encoding/decoding library?

On 2/19/06, Dod <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello Surabaya,
> if  you  send  binary  with  LineMode there are many way to manage it.
> The  simplest  :  use  BASE64 e-mail attachement style that is nice as
> designed  to  work  ascii  lined  mode but increase size of data about
> +40% (as all binary e-mail attachements do by the way).
> You  could also send binary but then you should take care to backslash
> all   delimiter  characters/bytes.
> You can also temporary switch between lined mode and binary mode : if
> line mode ON and receive string "bin 1223435" then LineMode OFF and
> receive data until size = 1223435 then LineMode ON again.
> Regards.
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